Phil Maggi “Lucilia Caesar” cdr / OUT SOON on Hyperblasted Recordings!

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Phil Maggi

Phil Maggi, member and active vocalist of different decadent and esoteric combos (hypnotic noise-rock band Ultraphallus, multidisciplinar antipop combo Idiosyncrasia and dark-ambient duet Eve and the Sickness), is an extravagant noisicist improviser and a dronist loop-maker composer since 2003.

He recorded and worked on a few mini-albums and EP’s -all previoulsy unreleased today- and became the second protagonist of Idiosyncratics Records (first compilation including KK Null, Charlemagne Palestine, Rapoon, Jazkamer, Daniel Menche…in stores now), a disorganised collective, founded by Yannick Franck, his long date compatriot.

Phil Maggi’s debut album, intituled “Lucilia Caesar”, is just ready to be released and is mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlyst, Lotus Eaters…).

“Like a hyperminimalist anaesthetic landscape, the music is a travel inspired and motived by a personal work on memory, painting a narcissic biography with childhhod melodies, between bad dreams and intense instants. A real beautiful sonorial listening, electronically worked with drones, decadence of sounds, various etudes of larsens, and disfigured contemporary classic music, articulated around loops and hybrid orchestrations.”

“The work is, alternatively, very direct to the point conceptually. The simple repetitions achieve what you have in mind. A smokey, haunted, rarefied work of conceptual minimalisms. To my ears, this is the soundtrack to the ghosts of an old, infamous orchestral hall –perhaps mysteriously gutted by fire- . A place where the cries of fractured chords heard to various degrees of abstraction still hum in the ashes centuries after. Plotkin’s mastering is flawless per usual and the objective is achieved admirably.” Ben Fleury-Steiner

LUCILIA CAESAR – All songs written, performed and recorded at home by Phil Maggi between 2004 and 2007. Engineered and mixed by Laurent Meurice in february 2007. Mastering by James Plotkin in april 2007. This album contains samples from various famous masters of contemporary classic music.


Some reviews about Aidan Baker’s “Noise of Silence”.

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Noise of Silence

Review@Electric Requiem Magazine (translated in english)

Aidan Baker – ‘Noise of Silence’ (Hyperblasted Recordings)

“The following review concerns only those who adore the deterioration this art named music can offer “for they shall conquer the feeling”.

A lot of people sank in Aidan Baker’s world – the world of a multi-artist. Each one of them came out alive. Each one of them came out better. The diving place could be the port of the ARC collective, the opening among Pederecki String Quartet’s rocks or the abyss of his personal discography and the one that contains the magic condemned world of the slow, destructive and bestial shell of Nadja. Or even the landscapes of his writings, these collections of words stashed inside the art-spitting sack of despair. Not one of these divers lost anything. Not even Aidan Baker.

Which is the sound of silence? A noise. Bearing no similarity to anything we’ ve met until now. The noise of silence does not shriek in high db’s, it doesn’t yell to declare its presence. In the silent system, noise is merged with peace and quiet, holding (up to the point of nailing) the listener to his place, almost in a metaphysical manner as it leaves us with the gaze of a fool, the one we stick in our faces when confronting the incomprehensible. During the 50-minute presentation of the sound of silence theory a voice whispers the word “suicide” every now and then, driving the listener at top speed towards the wall of madness. By the looks of it, Aidan Baker carefully planned this destructive machine, as suicide stands as the only salvation from the beauty of the moment, a moment which adresses you in slow motion, subsequently allowing the study of the microfilm in order to spot the tiny dots in which the mute storyteller carefully hid the elements of the ancient Greek tragedy and made space for tapes and guitars to narrate the story. And what does a story teach? Get real, there’s no answer to that question. It depends on the story. What happens when you end up having the part of a wordless troubadour’s audience whose ultimate goal is the spreading of a mix of stories that as it seems are not connected by any means? You stand surprised for you know that your education did not take any step at all towards completion, still, you feel a better man. Nobody ever succeeded in defining what “becoming a better man” means. Yet, you are a better man. You know it. “Noise Of Silence” gifted you with the “death to poets” saying. And now you understand why it’s so true. Words can be explained. The teachings of silence not.

And these words are so few because i don’t have anything more to say. If you want any additional info there’s only the following to find: “Noise Of Silence” comes hand-numbered in 150 copies in a beautiful digipak edition (and only) and you can order it from HeadtoAvoid Recordings (if you reside in Athens, Greece) or Hyperblasted Recordings through which it was released. A summer gift to yourselves for the winter.

P.S.: In case i didn’t make myself clear (highly possible), i loved this record.”

(Giannis-Orestis Papadimitriou > Electric Requiem JUL07)

Read the review in Greek languange


AIDAN BAKER – Noise of silence (Hyperblasted)

“Silence is dangerous for the weak, for the worst fears appear in that moment. Have you ever wondered why most people want to socialize at all costs, babble around, join communities, travel together, laugh insistently at parties, let everybody know who they are and what they do even if we don’t give a fuck, speak loud on the cell phone in front of others? That’s right, they’re afraid of silence. Aidan Baker – probably involuntarily – approaches a neighbouring concept with a 50-minute track and, by modifying the oneiric tendencies of some of his work quite heavily, hits the bull’s eye. Although guitars and tape loops are the only source for the music like in many of Aidan’s previous albums, this time there is a dominating colour that shifts the balance towards that perilous area where trance and mental influence meet. That hue is symbolized by Baker’s use of vocal fragments, which the man from Toronto adds to his stratified masses to highlight a correspondence between the basic elements, meaning silence and fear of course. These uttered syllables, elongations of speeches, disturbing accounts (“I felt suicidal”, a male voice reports in the last minutes of the CD) create a confused, but still engrossing jumble of subliminal messages whose persuasive power is highly effective, especially via headphones. It’s just like being submitted to some sort of psychedelic test without drugs, and sincerely I would not advise this record to someone who can be easily affected. A great release, then – but only if you’re trained in keeping coolness when the brain suggests strange things: for many, the noise of silence is unbearable. That’s when they start doing damage.”

review by Massimo Ricci // Touching Extremes

New items in the mailorder catalog.

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Birchville Cat Motel

Pascal Cretain / Kommpound

Click here for infos and prices.

“Experimental Audio Violence” split series.

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Ok! Some really great coming up… You ‘ll get the information very soon!


Appes news!

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Hello noisers,
Here are some news about Appes.

* Track called “Clandestined” will be part of the “!” compilation by Pepto Records. Here is some info:
PEPTO010: VARIOUS ARTISTS – ‘!’ CDr Featuring Cam Deas, red Needled Sea, Kasper van Hoek, Ecoute La Merde, Dead Wood, Telegraph, Fat Legs, Appes, Pacific Before Tiger, Messiah Complex, Broken Shields, Concrete Belly + more. comes in a rubber sewn bag, thats been attacked… has to be seen! Limited to 25!!

* Forthcoming split w/ excellent Red Needled Sea @ Dead Pilot Records
More infos soon.

* Upcoming stuff:
Appes “Planet” biz card cdr (HyRe005) (Hyperblasted Recordings)
Appes/Kommpound kollab (HyRexxx) (Hyperblasted Recordings/TBA Label)

Thanx for reading.