Hyperblasted Recordings is an independent label from Greece. All began back in 2005. The idea was to release works from artists/bands who we actually like. All the genres of experimental and extreme music will be available.


Datashock/Appes “s/t” split 3″cdr (HyRe001/HB-EAV-003) SOLD OUT

Aidan Baker “Noise of Silence” cdr (HyRe002) SOLD OUT

Phil Maggi “Lucilia Caesar” cdr (HyRe006) SOLD OUT

Eternal Tapestry “Altar of Grass” cdr (HyRe013) OUT NOW


Bohemian Grove “Age of Retrogression” (HyRe003)

Red Needled Sea/Family Battle Snake split (HyRe004)

Appes & Tough Gods “Planet” 3″ cdr (HyRe005)

  • Experimental Audio Violence series Part1 split (2×3″cdr) (HyRe008-HyRe012)
  • Chapter1: Gang Wizard / Shpilberg – 2×3″cdr (HyRe008)
    Chapter2: Marcel Türkowsky / Ryan Jewell – 2×3″cdr (HyRe009)
    Chapter3: Torturing Nurse / Mutant Ape – 2×3″cdr (HyRe010)
    Chapter4: Nicholas Szczepanik / Red Needled Sea – 2×3″cdr (HyRe011)
    Chapter5: Appes / Seconds in Formaldehyde – 2×3″cdr (HyRe012)

    Arklight “The Buddhist Vigilante Squads” cdr (HyRe007)


    One Response to “About”

    1. Yo! I wanted to get a copy of the new ET cdr, can you let me know how I may go about it?

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