Phil Maggi “Lucilia Caesar” cdr / OUT SOON on Hyperblasted Recordings!

Phil Maggi

Phil Maggi, member and active vocalist of different decadent and esoteric combos (hypnotic noise-rock band Ultraphallus, multidisciplinar antipop combo Idiosyncrasia and dark-ambient duet Eve and the Sickness), is an extravagant noisicist improviser and a dronist loop-maker composer since 2003.

He recorded and worked on a few mini-albums and EP’s -all previoulsy unreleased today- and became the second protagonist of Idiosyncratics Records (first compilation including KK Null, Charlemagne Palestine, Rapoon, Jazkamer, Daniel Menche…in stores now), a disorganised collective, founded by Yannick Franck, his long date compatriot.

Phil Maggi’s debut album, intituled “Lucilia Caesar”, is just ready to be released and is mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Khlyst, Lotus Eaters…).

“Like a hyperminimalist anaesthetic landscape, the music is a travel inspired and motived by a personal work on memory, painting a narcissic biography with childhhod melodies, between bad dreams and intense instants. A real beautiful sonorial listening, electronically worked with drones, decadence of sounds, various etudes of larsens, and disfigured contemporary classic music, articulated around loops and hybrid orchestrations.”

“The work is, alternatively, very direct to the point conceptually. The simple repetitions achieve what you have in mind. A smokey, haunted, rarefied work of conceptual minimalisms. To my ears, this is the soundtrack to the ghosts of an old, infamous orchestral hall –perhaps mysteriously gutted by fire- . A place where the cries of fractured chords heard to various degrees of abstraction still hum in the ashes centuries after. Plotkin’s mastering is flawless per usual and the objective is achieved admirably.” Ben Fleury-Steiner

LUCILIA CAESAR – All songs written, performed and recorded at home by Phil Maggi between 2004 and 2007. Engineered and mixed by Laurent Meurice in february 2007. Mastering by James Plotkin in april 2007. This album contains samples from various famous masters of contemporary classic music.


~ by teotokis on November 19, 2007.

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