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nai re file na doume


BOHEMIAN GROVE ‘Age of Retrogression’ OUT NOW!

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Finally, Hyperblasted Recordings proudly presents the anticipated debut album of the greek black metal act, Bohemian Grove.

Five tracks of dark furious riffing, monumental voices and excellent drumming / basslines. Fourty minutes of corrupted art. Nothing more, just Black Metal.[/size]

Mp3: Bohemian Grove’s site

AGE OF RETROGRESSION – All music and lyrics by Bohemian Grove. Recorded between August and September 2007.

Tracklisting: (Total Running Time : 40’)
01. Wretched Men
02. Praise the Goat
03. Upon a Human Grave
04. Age of Retrogression
05. Drowning in the Roar of a Sinking World

Pressing of 1000 copies. Full color professional printed 6-panel digipak. Artwork and Design by Justin Bartlett (WEARETHEROBOTS).

You can order here.
Available for 5.00 euros plus postage.

http://hyperblasted.bigcartel.com (store)


Our new webstore…

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Hyperblasted Recordings’ new webstore is powered and hosted by  Big cartel Logo

Our store uses PayPal for payments. || Read the FAQ @ http://hyperblasted.bigcartel.com/faq

Click on image to visit our store:

On other news, Bohemian Grove’s “Age of Retrogression” is in the pressing plant and we expecting it the following days! You’ll be the first you’ll know about it!

Thanks for you time!

Eternal Tapestry “Altar of Grass” cdr (HyRe013) OUT NOW!

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Eternal Tapestry is a psych super-group. It features Nick Bindeman (Jackie-O Motherfucker, Tunnels) on guitar/vocals, Jed Bindeman (Heavy Winged, Bloodbiker) on drums, Dewey Mahood (Jackie-O Motherfucker, Plankton Wat, Bloodbiker) on guitar as well as Bob Jones (Evolutionary Jass Band, Oregon Artifical Limb Co., Fruitface) on bass.

This planet rock element released last year by Solar Commune and Hyperblasted Recordings proudly presents its reissue. Keeping the original artwork and making a new style layout (by KENO), presenting a new visual of their music.

Planets and rock. Space and music. Psychedelic. Words. Words. Words. Trying to describe the vibes of Eternal Tapestry. Difficult. Let their music speak. It’s easier.

“Eternal Tapestry kick spacey stoner rock with interplanetary sketches evolving into an ode to wind-battered biker hair birthed from full-out riffage. An exciting cross between Anthem of the Sun-era Grateful Dead and Hawkwind with touches of Can.” (Apples and Heroin)

“Eternal Tapestry is seemingly adaptable to an infinite degree, moving from drifting psychedelic laze to crashing, shouting beautiful anarchy.” (Willamette Week)

“Speaking of the psyche, trippy-as-fuck locals Eternal Tapestry play some deep and simmering mindfuck noise.” (Portland Mercury)

New Mailorder stuff!

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NadjaThaumoradiance cd

Red Needled Sea / Appes – split 3″ cdr

Religious Knives – Live at Bigjar cd

RivercrestEtherische Chemie cdr

Flautas del ChiguireFlautas del Chiguire cassette


Phil Maggi – Lucilia Caesar out now!

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Phil Maggi

Phil MaggiLucilia Caesar cdr €5.70 ppd to Europe / €6.20 ppd to World

“Like a hyperminimalist anaesthetic landscape, the music is a travel inspired and motived by a personal work on memory, painting a narcissic biography with childhhod melodies, between bad dreams and intense instants. A real beautiful sonorial listening, electronically worked with drones, decadence of sounds, various etudes of larsens, and disfigured contemporary classic music, articulated around loops and hybrid orchestrations.”

“The work is, alternatively, very direct to the point conceptually. The simple repetitions achieve what you have in mind. A smokey, haunted, rarefied work of conceptual minimalisms. To my ears, this is the soundtrack to the ghosts of an old, infamous orchestral hall –perhaps mysteriously gutted by fire- . A place where the cries of fractured chords heard to various degrees of abstraction still hum in the ashes centuries after. Plotkin’s mastering is flawless per usual and the objective is achieved admirably.” Ben Fleury-Steiner

LUCILIA CAESAR – All songs written, performed and recorded at home by Phil Maggi between 2004 and 2007. Engineered and mixed by Laurent Meurice in february 2007. Mastering by James Plotkin in april 2007. This album contains samples from various famous masters of contemporary classic music. (Hyperblasted Recordings)

Limited to 90 hand-numbered copies. Silk-screened 4-panel in 100% recycled paper w/ insert with pro-printed cdr.

Artwork sleeve by JK – Printed by SemitoneLabs.com



Bohemian Grove live 29MAR08!!

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